Adoption law is complicated and challenging. You need an experienced and dedicated attorney on your side to guide you through the process.

Whether you are interested in Interstate Adoption, Intrastate Adoption, Stepparent Adoption, Relative Custody and Adoption, Agency Adoption and Finalization, Re-certification of International Adoption, we will assist you and ensure that you achieve your individual adoption goals.

The waiting periods for the adoption process vary depending upon numerous factors, some of which we cannot control. The waiting period to be matched with a birth mother expecting a Caucasian child is generally less than 2 years. The waiting period for bi-racial and African American children is usually much shorter.

An independent “home study” will also be conducted to investigate your suitability as adoptive parents. We will assist you in obtaining this home study as well.

The costs of adoption are also varied, depending on the birth mother’s needs for living and medical expenses. Again, the costs for a Caucasian placement are usually higher than that of an African American or bi-racial placement. The cost for Caucasian placement ranges from about $17,000 to $26,000, but could be higher.

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